Atrian Naming

Ever wonder how we come up with those alien names and terms?  Do you have an Atrian character, faction or city you want to develop and can't think of what to call it? Writer/Designer, Joss, discusses the guidelines World Fusion uses to name our favorite alien personalities.

Cavolon Naming Conventions

Eshlar Naming Conventions

Lokai Naming Conventions

Tyrusin Naming Conventions

Unarra Naming Conventions

Atrian Language (Atrianese)

The inhabitants of Atriana communicate with each other both  telepathically and verbally.  Although the dialects vary, their language is common.

The Village Entrop warns Atriarch Afton about the dangers of producing two offspring at once.

The Atrianese Language Translator provides the phonetic spelling of a word as spoken by inhabitants on Atriana.  The phonetic spelling is how the word would sound if spoken verbally, but it is not the actual spelling.  (Please note that the Atrianese language is still under development.)

Last updated: January 12, 2005

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