The Creature Crucible is temporarily unavailable.

Since the Creature Crucible was such a success, we have taken it down to make improvements. There is no estimate of when it will be back up.  We will post as soon as we know.

Creature Crucible

Create your own Creature from chopped up Atriarch Creature Parts.  We've taken several actual parts from creatures that inhabit the World of Atriana, so you can mix and match them to make your own monster.  You can even give it a name and save it for everyone else to see.  Everyone is welcome to give it a try.

Have fun!!!

Click here to begin the Creature Crucible

You will need the Flash 5 plug-in.  Creature Crucible should detect if you already have it installed or if you need to download it.

Last updated: January 12, 2005

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