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Unarra riding a Clift.     Unarra

The Unarra are the beast lords.  Unarra have an empathic link to the creatures of Atriana.  Unarra prefer peace, but are fierce and swift fighters when necessary.   They live in the forests where many of the beasts also live.

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In the meantime, read about the Tresed Death Ritual..

The Tresed and the Death Ritual

The Tresed of Unarra first formed many Salvod ago on the Lokai Continent. They played a significant role in helping the Lokai to win the Nine Currans War against Rey and the invading army of Tyrusin warriors. After their victory, the skills the Unarra used during the war became regarded as sacred, and others started to refer to them as "Tresed". When the Tresed returned to their home continent, they began their own subculture, living separately from the rest of the Unarra.

Today, the Tresed are a specialized population of the Unarra who train and tame creatures for non-combative purposes. They live by a creed that proclaims all life is sacred. All living things are connected by the web of life -- harming a living creature is doing harm to yourself. Nature is a cycle, of which natural death is a part. Any premature or senseless death is an interruption of the circle, and cause for sorrow. Therefore, the Tresed do not take part in combat nor training creatures for combat.

When a Tresed dies, a death ceremony takes place in a special grove. The ceremony is attended by members of an Unarra's faction, lineage and many of the beasts that it has tamed in its lifetime. The guests stand in two single-file lines, a distance apart, facing each other. The presiding Tresed directs the ceremony. It begins by commanding a beast of burden to carry out the corpse. The beast walks up the center aisle between the two lines of guests and lowers the body to the ground. Next, the Tresed summons a weaving creature to spin a cocoon around the corpse. The weaver crawls forward, also up the center aisle, and performs its task. When the cocoon is finished members of the Unarra's lineage may come forward to inspect it. The more multicolored the cocoon, the higher they consider its quality. Once the cocoon has been inspected, they offer water to the beast of burden and the weaver, then step back in line. 

The Tresed then calls forward a third beast that is both enormous and tall. The Tresed feeds it a red leaf and uses hand signals to give it orders. The beast picks up the cocoon and hangs it on one of the trees in the grove. The deceased Unarra is assigned a specific branch, dependent on its lifetime accomplishments. Over the Currans, cocoons can be seen hanging and dropping from the special trees. A cocoon drops once the body inside has transformed.

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