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Player Character Species: Cavolon

Brief Description: The Cavolon are eccentric Scientists that specialize in the mastery of plant life on Atriana. Plants are important resources for many aspects of life on Atriana and can be bred for a variety of purposes.

Personality Traits: Crafty. Paranoid. Calculating. Highly-educated. Secretive. Patient. Fragile. Methodical.

Physical Appearance: Averages 2 meters in height. They are the only Player-Character Species in Atriarch that is not bipedal. Instead, they have long, lean torsos connected to four tentacles, which the Cavolon use for locomotion. Their skin and eyes come in a variety of colors and often times will reflect their natural habitat.

Natural Abilities: Flexible and capable of articulating an expansive variety of movement. Can use tentacles in a whipping motion. Travel well in muddy or soupy terrain.

Unique Abilities: They have control of a vine-like tongue that extends outward from a tentacle. The tongue can stretch far beyond arms length and attach to certain materials at the other end. As long as the tentacle tongue is healthy, the Cavolon can travel by swinging from one tongue to another. Not all materials allow for attachment of the tentacle tongue. Cavolon can also use the tentacle tongue to attack a creature that is not within arm's reach.

Cavolon can quad wield (because you never know from which direction something will attack).

Eccentricities: Cavolon are fearful of anything they don't understand or can't control. They will relentlessly try to learn every single aspect of everything, and will not reveal their knowledge to other species unless it is absolutely necessary to seek their aid.

The Cavolon appear to be completely loyal to their own kind and this shows in their every action. Other species speculate that their loyalty is merely a symptom of their paranoia.

Cavolon are slow to make decisions. They take every aspect of a situation into account before acting. It is common for a major decision to span several generations. It takes so long for them to make a decision that the issue will many times no longer exist by the time the final one is made. Alternatively, Cavolon strategies and plans span many Salvod. Every Cavolon from generation to generation knows its responsibility in implementing its part of the plan.

Natural Habitat: Swamp.

Current Cavolon Leader: Atriarch Anon

Cavolon believe that the Cavolon Species as a whole is more important than each of them individually. Every act a single Cavolon makes is with consideration of how it will affect every other of their Species now and in the future. Their actions are always calculated and rarely reactionary.

Despite Cavolon's disdain for other species, they recognize the economic value of trade. Whenever the economic value is high enough or new knowledge is to be gained, a Cavolon will in fact tolerate interaction with other species. Cavolon who spend too much time traveling and living amongst the other species are many times looked upon suspiciously when they return. Therefore, when a Cavolon returns from a cross-continental journey, they will always bring many gifts of knowledge and trade to reaffirm that their intentions and thoughts while abroad remained loyal to the Cavolon Species.

Cavolon are educated in the extreme. From birth, they begin their lifelong learning process. After the basics of biotechnology are learned, a Cavolon is assigned to a lab where it will studies that lab's specialty then moves on to the next lab and so on. There is a lab in existence for every type of plant known to the Cavolon.

9 Types of Cavolon Labs:

Egra Labs - These labs specialize the in production nutrients, including: food for creatures, fertilizer for other plants, and temporary enhancements for the species.

Matos Labs - These labs focus on plants used for offense, including first-strike attacks and attacks that cause damage. They also include highly specialized labs, for example, plants used as traps designed for use in snowy terrain.

Telsh Labs - These labs focus on defense plants that disarm, slow, and that provide a means for escape.

Olva Labs - These labs specialize in plants designed for covert operations. Surveillance, subterfuge and sabotage tactics seem most practical to Cavolon thinking as they involve the least risk. They serve the self-preservation instinct which is so strong in a Cavolon.

Kuj Labs - These labs focus on influence, mind alteration, and hallucinogens.

Grenn Labs - These labs focus on creating materials used for construction of buildings, equipment, or items. There is currently a debate amongst the Cavolon whether to split these labs and create the Jerysh Labs specializing in building materials. The Eshlar have a contention with this.

Klora Labs - These labs focus on the production, collection, and transfer of energy for various uses.

Serrin Labs - These labs focus on item and equipment enhancements. For example, coatings that will harden surfaces.

Burra Labs - These labs focus on experimentation with crossbreeds. These labs will cross a plant of one type with that of another type.

Unconfirmed - Other species have heard of secret labs that span the planet. It is rumored that the Cavolon experiment not only on plants, but on creatures and other sentient species. No one has been able to document or confirm this.

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Last updated: November 11, 2003

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