While the Visitors' Center remains Under Construction, here is a quick reference to the ten main sections to this site:


This section will keep you informed on Recent News about Atriarch and World Fusion.  You can also read Archived News going back two years.

World of Atriana

Atriana is the name of the planet upon which Atriarch takes place.  The world section includes a lot of important information, in particular, Player Character Information.  This is the place to go to learn about what five types of characters you can choose to play in Atriarch: Tyrusin Warriors, Lokai Explorers, Eshlar Architects, Cavolon Scientists, or the Unarra Beastmasters.

Also included in the world section is an introduction to Atriana's alien EnvironmentGeography, and Language.

Since Atriarch is an alien world, it will have many interesting creatures.  The Creature Crucible is a flash program that let's you play with body parts from our creatures to form your own creature.  It is fun, and you can do it from your browser.


This section includes a few stories regarding Current Events in the world.  Historical information and Faction breakdown are still to come. 


The most recent Screenshots are of the Bolera Forest.  These shots should give you a good idea of what it actually looks like in different parts of the Atriana.  We are currently re-arranging this section for easier navigation of both recent and older screenshots.  This section also has a few Sketches and Rendered Concepts.

Features & Faq

For those who do not want to read an entire FAQ, you can also take a quick look at the Main Feature List of Atriarch.  There is a huge emphasis on player-driven content.  You can also look the beginning of the Atriarch Glossary.


There are many people beyond the World Fusion development team who are also excited about being a part of a unique and interesting new alien world.  They help us to bring the world of Atriana to life through many activities, events, websites, and roleplaying.  We collectively call this, the Atriarch Community.  Everyone is welcome to join in the events or just watch from afar.  This section section includes a list of Atriarch Community Sites, Atriarch Player Guilds/Factions, and Community Activities.


This section shows a long list of what has been said about Atriarch by the Press.  This section also lists all the links to the Atriarch team's Developer Journals.

Beta Testing

Atriarch does conduct public play-testing sessions.  To be considered for a testing slot, you will need to fill out a form on a separate website called, ATBeta.com.  There are too many people to allow everyone in, so testers are chosen at random from the applicants.  This section also includes the Contact Information for World Fusion, the developer of Atriarch.


This section includes all sorts of different Atriarch Media available for download, including movies, music, wallpaper, etc.  We will be adding many more things for download soon.


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