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The Torpor Storm is moving closer.  We are preparing.  We will tell you more when the time is right.

.....but if you concentrate, you can hear the words and thoughts of the other species.....

Focus.  I can hear them...

Episode 1 - Ulrik's Design:  Eshlar...a chamber...Veil?

Episode 2 - Spawn of Afton:  Part 1:  Lokai... Entrop... an heir?

Episode 3 - Kuj Scientist: Cavolon... lab politics...  hallucinogens?

Episode 4 - The Pikatan:  Unarra... Congratulations to Community Members, Phinehas and Ysharros, for winning the Pikatan Story Contest.  This is your winning entry.

Recent Political Speeches:

Transcript of Speech given by Trademaster Genrozh, Fourth Staff of the Padrian Transport Company to newly-hired Tradescouts -- preserved via Gourd in the Gentar Hall of Knowledge by order of Atriarch Morafn.

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