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Eshlar Port Built upon a great platform in the Drasius Region



Bolera Caverns


Bolera (Unarran area which leads to the Temple carved in the mountain)

572. Forest cabin raised above water during Sunrise. 565. Undeveloped area in Bolera. 529. Eshlar looking for the path opening to the Unarra Temple. 533. Carved stairway to the Temple Bridge. 558. Eshlar crossing the Temple Bridge at Night. 574. Screenshot of Temple Bridge during the daytime. 559. This opening into the trees on the cliff is where the Temple Bridge ends. 560. Walk through the cliff opening in the trees to enter the Bolera Temple. 569. Screenshot of the Bolera Cabin at Night.


Tyrusin Arena of Foreign Apprenticeship in the Pallidrost Region


Cavolon Embassy


Lokai Capitol City of Orescent

Lokai on Bridge Lokai Talking in the Raised Amphitheatre Another Lokai on the Bridge Lokai Council Meeting Camouflage Desert Creature Lokai at Entrance to Temple 1. Lokai Temple at the center of the Sinking Desert 2. Carvings Found Inside Temple 3. Inn for Player Characters 4. Balcony of Atriarch's Home 5. Orescent, the Circle City on the Dune 6. Library Entrance 7. Cultural Center 8. Government Building 9. Entrance to one of five tunnels under Orescent. 10. Bumpy and Pothole terrain located in the Outer Circle. 11. Rolling Hills located in the Outer Circle 12. Rocky Terrain located in the Outer Circle  

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