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These early pre-alpha screenshots are all taken from a First Person Perspective as my Character walked through Orescent, the Capitol City of the Lokai.  They were taken using a Pentium II 333, 128 RAM, TNT 2.

These shots of the Lokai Character-Species were taken atop the Orescent Dune during nighttime.

Lokai on Bridge  Lokai Talking in the Raised Amphitheatre  Another Lokai on the Bridge

Lokai Council Meeting  Camouflage Desert Creature  Lokai at Entrance to Temple

Screenshots:  Main  1  2  3  4  5  6

These shots give a glimpse into the Sinking Desert Terrain and Architectural Style of the Lokai, Atriana's explorers.

The horizon in the outdoor shots below are up to 2 km into the distance.

1. Lokai Temple at the center of the Sinking Desert  2. Carvings Found Inside Temple  3. Inn for Player Characters

4. Balcony of Atriarch's Home  5. Orescent, the Circle City on the Dune  6. Library Entrance 

7. Cultural Center  8. Government Building  9. Entrance to one of five tunnels under Orescent. 

A unique feature planned for Atriarch is the ability for players to modify the terrain, for example, digging moats.  Following are some screenshots of various terrain located in the Outer Circle and viewed from my Character's first person perspective.

10. Bumpy and Pothole terrain located in the Outer Circle.  11. Rolling Hills located in the Outer Circle  12. Rocky Terrain located in the Outer Circle

Screenshots:  Main  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12

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Last updated: December 26, 2001

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