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The Eshlar constructed a platform of grand scale above the water to use as a port in the Drasius Region.



Bolera Caverns

(This is the first Atriarch "dungeon" area released.  This area is accessed via the Bolera Temple from the previous screenshots.)


Bolera Forest

(a forested area on the Unarra Continent)

572. Forest cabin raised above water during Sunrise.     565. Undeveloped area in Bolera.529. Eshlar looking for the path opening to the Unarra Temple.     533. Carved stairway to the Temple Bridge.558. Eshlar crossing the Temple Bridge at Night.     574. Screenshot of Temple Bridge during the daytime.559. This opening into the trees on the cliff is where the Temple Bridge ends.     560. Walk through the cliff opening in the trees to enter the Bolera Temple.569. Screenshot of the Bolera Cabin at Night.

November 2001

There are several new screenshots of the Tyrusin Arena and other species scattered on various sites.  If you want to see all the screenshots released to date, then  go to our new Full Set of Screenshots section which will show you a thumbnail image of all screenshots everywhere.  There are a lot of screenshots, so this section is still being updated and may take a little bit to load.

These are all actual gameplay screenshots showing real locations in Atriarch, environments, creatures, and characters.

June 2000

Screenshots of Cavolon Habitat

The shots show an organic Cavolon structure. Players can also grow and build customized organic structures in the game. This particular structure is a foreign embassy located in a Cavolon habitat.

The Cavolon are a Player Character Species who breed plants for all sorts of purposes, including construction resources, elixirs, special combat and apothecary.


Previous Screenshots:

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These shots give a glimpse into the Sinking Desert Terrain and Architectural Style of the Lokai, Atriana's explorers. 

1. Lokai Temple at the center of the Sinking Desert  3. Inn for Player Characters  Another Lokai on the Bridge

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