"... if the team at World Fusion can fully develop their vision, Atriarch may very well be one of the most far-reaching, immersive, unique, and comprehensive games ever."

-Tal Blevins, IGN

Atriarch Preview at IGN includes lots of details an excellent summary of the game.  You can also download and exclusive Atriarch movie at the end of the article.


"Finally, as a world in which players can make a far-reaching and permanent impact, Atriana will represent a level of immersion never before seen."

- Michael "Pipeline" Barenberg, RPG Vault

RPG Vault's Atriarch Intelligence Report


"In an industry where clone games run rampant, Atriarch could be a breath of fresh air for online role players looking for an experience like no other."

- Mark "Kyote" Allman, RPG Planet

RPG Planet's First Look on Atriarch including a comprehensive summary of what Atriarch is all about.


"World Fusion is on their way to creating something really different: a science fiction world with almost infinite potential."

-Kate Morris, 3D Gaming New

Atriarch Quickie (mini-preview) at 3DGN.


"... my prediction is that Atriarch will be a huge step for MMORPGs to come."

- Michael Mikucki, GA-RPG

GA-RPG's First Look and Exclusive Screenshots for Atriarch.


"An ambitious new concept in the massively multiplayer online gaming market that, if it can work, may change everyone's expectations of online games. I look forward to watching Atriarch become a success."

-Electric Playground

Electric Playground has a nice article about Atriarch including the "hopes" and "fears" for the game.


"Atriarch will fuse the elements of a persistent-world RPG with those of real-time strategy. You will be able gather resources, build colonies, form an army, form allegiances, and ultimately build an empire. You can also choose one of many professions."

- Kevin da Luz, Incite

Incite believes that Atriarch is on its way to being the "next Everquest" in terms of its success in the marketplace.


"Unlike the current POWs, Atriarch will provide both role-playing and real-time strategy elements as your character develops and gains power within the game world. This vision of character development is seen as a three-tiered structure providing what Serafina calls the newbie, middle and elder games"

- Sean Miller, Electric Playground

Electric Playground voted Atriarch "The game we won't hear enough about" and one of the Top 10 Online Games of E3.


"There's no question that this [Atriarch] sounds exciting, and a sci-fi persistent world is what a lot of RPG gamers have been yearning for." 

-Desslock's RPG News

First Look: Desslock's RPG News on Gamespot - inlcudes Exclusive Screenshots.


Atriarch La Source: (September 8, 2000)  Interview with Serafina, Lead Game Designer.  You can read the English version or the French version.  Here is a snippet: "You can use building blocks to customize the form of your structure, or you can buy a blueprint from a skilled architect which includes plans for a fully-designed structure."

Four Below Zero: (August 25, 2000) A chat between Serafina, Lead Designer, and Darkmoor Dragon of Four Below Zero covers her views on several game and industry issues, such as camping, eccosystems, twinking, quests, player-created items and more.

Atriarch Vault: (August 22, 2000  has posted a developer interview with Atriarch's Lead Game Designer, Serafina. Find out what kind of community support is planned in game and out.

EP Radio: (August 9, 2000)  40-minute Radio Interview online with Serafina, Lead Game Designer.  Hear how we pronounce the Character Species names.  Many issues are discussed including quests, customer service, roleplaying, the ability for players to take over the Atriarch position and lots more.  (If you need a recent version of a media player to use, you can download one here.)

PC IGN: (July 18, 2000) Reader Interview that answers questions not yet revealed.  Here is a quote from the interview:  "The focus of our skill system is to make it so the player has a lot of choice. The way we accomplish this is by providing ample opportunity for customization, specialization, and player-created skills.  From this, we hope to see the skill system evolve into something better and beyond what even we as the developers imagined."

LUM the Mad: (April 26, 2000)  Asks, what differences does Serafina preceive in motivation between the average male gamer - and the average female gamer?

Gamespot: (December 23, 1999) Has posted an interview with Serafina.  Read about the 4 main features that distinguish Atriarch from other games.

LaSource (French): (December 2, 1999) Has posted a French version and an English version of a new interview about Atriarch.  Aschatan asks about the inhabitants of the Lost Continent, balance issues of the Eshlar, and what science fiction books have inspired the team?

Vault Network: (November 30, 1999)  Jonric posted a mini-interview with Serafina, Lead Game Designer.  Find out what Serafina considers Atriarch's key strengths.  Read full interview here.

Infolder (Dutch): (November 24, 1999) Wouter Ryckbosch finds out that there is something different about the upcoming Torpor Storm.  Read full interview here.

GA-RPG: (October 9, 1999) Michael 'Dethrone' Mikucki asks how Atriarch will advance the roleplaying genre, and how it will be different from games like EQ and UO.  Read the interview here.

Atriarch Fan Interview: (May 23, 1999) Willburn, founder of Atriarch Fan now merged with Atriarch Stratics, finds out about Atriarch's organic currency and economy.  Read full interview here.

Thanks to Joystick Magazine for being the first print  magazine to do a feature preview of Atriarch.  Go to their website to order your copy of the June 1999 issue.

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Special thank you goes to Acid and Stan, for bringing the potential of Atriarch to Joystick's attention.

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