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Atriana - name of the world on which the game is played.

Atriarch - a leader of an empire and major faction on the world of Atriana; also the name of the game.

Aub - an Atrian solar day *NEW*

Avatar - player character; the physical and visual representation of your character in the game; represents you as a player; you control the avatar. (see also: Character)

Character - sentient species native to Atriana who has been given personality, history, and purpose by either the game designers or the players; characters are classified as either an Avatar or Native.

Creature - non-character species native to Atriana.

Faction - a group of characters that officially band together for a common purpose or cause; there are minor and major factions.

Global Chat - ability to communicate in the game over infinite distances *NEW*

Follower - a Native or Species who will follow your Avatar's instructions and commands.

Massively-multiplayer - capability for thousands of players to play Atriarch with each other at the same time.

Native - non-player character (aka: NPC); all computer controlled characters in Atriarch are referred to as Natives. (see also: Character)

NPC - acronym for non-player character; in Atriarch these are referred to as Natives.

Persistent - a game that never ends. (see also: FAQ section)

Role-playing game or RPG - game in which you create a unique character, assume its identity during the game, and control the character's actions. (see also: Avatar)

Shell or Player Shell - the program that you need to play Atriarch; Atriarch must be played while connected to the Internet, but is not accessible through a browser.

Species - unique species native to Atriana; there are no humans on Atriana.

Volcano Engine - the name of the engine that Atriarch is based on; also developed by World Fusion.  *NEW*

World Fusion - name of the company that is developing the game, Atriarch, and the Volcano Engine. *NEW*

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