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Atriarch Music (.ogg):   This is a hefty download, so you have two choices.  You can either download each song separately or the entire album at the bottom zip file.

  1. Distant Pulse (1.7 mb)

  2. Time Woven (3.1 mb)

  3. Breathing Valley (3.7 mb)

  4. Palace of Secrets (3.2 mb)

  5. The Hidden Way (3.4 mb)

  6. Something Grows (2.8 mb)

  7. Creation (3.8 mb)

  8. Traditions of Stone (3.0 mb)

  9. City at Nigthtfall (3.0 mb)

  10. Caravan (3.7 mb)

  11. Moonrise (4.0 mb)

  12. Oceans Apart (3.2 mb)

  13. Empire (4.5 mb)

  14. Xol's Honor (3.3)

  15. In the Shadow of War's Moon (3.3 mb)

  16. Through the Trees (3.3)

  17. Giving Hands (3.2 mb)

  18. Ritual Dance (3.5 mb)

Alternatively, you can download the entire album in zip format here: Torpor's Edge (55 mb)



Pre-Alpha In-Game Movie:   This 3 1/2 minute movie introduces you to the alien Player-Characters and gives a brief look into the pre-alpha world of Atriana. (Please note the movie does not include the new features and graphic improvements of the previous year.)   Quicktime required. Atiarch_Pre-Alpha_Gameplay (50mb)

Spawn of Afton, Part II (story movie, not in-game):  (14mb)  Part I can be read here.

Music Video: Lokai Jug Song: This is a fun 44-second animation of a Lokai jam session.  All the music and sound in this movie was made from an empty 1 liter plastic water bottle. (1.8mb)

Cavolon Animation (pre-rendered):   12-second glimpse into the Cavolon's environment. (1.8 mb)

Creature Animations: The world of Atriana is full of creatures.  We have given several animation examples of these creatures to Atriarch Vault.  You can download those creature animations here.

Music & Sound

Atriarch music reflects the history, culture and personality of each of the individual species.  (Click to play from your browser or right mouse click to download.)

Theme Music for Unarra Species:

Theme Music for the Eshlar Species:

Theme Music for the Cavolon Species:

Theme Music for the Tyrusin Species:

Theme Music for the Lokai Species:

Other Media

Atriarch Windows Theme:  We have given Atriarch Watcher an Atriarch Windows theme you can download here.

Last updated: May 11, 2005

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