Community and Fan Sites:

Atriarch Player Development Team (APDT) - This is a place where players can discuss various designs and gameplay options.  The APDT has volunteered to aid World Fusion in different projects.  Maintained by Synon.

Atriarch Watcher (old COA) - Always updated with general community and Atriarch news.  Hosts exclusive content such as Atriarch Music Theme, discussion boards, the Atriarch Askew comic, and puzzles. Hosts regular community contests. Maintained by Herok and Cephas.

Atriarch Stratics (ATS) - The first ever major Atriarch fansite.  Discussion boards are always active.  Posts regularly on Atriarch news and community happenings.  Hold many contests for Atriarch t-shirts. Currently hosts the most visited and active #atriarch IRC channel.  Maintained by Darksoul, Hunter, BialarCrais, Taraturg, Sarvas.

Atriarch Vault (ATVault) - Regular Atriarch and community news.  News always includes excerpts from the development team posts on the discussion boards.  Hosts creature animations for download.  Maintained by DavidQuick.

Zang's Atriarch News - Home of the creature encyclopedia and other features.  This site is maintained by General Zang.

Atriarch - Atriarch news site.  Regular new updates, images and media.  Maintained by Genesi, Keva, and GameR.

Atriarch Italia - Italian Atriarch site for the Italian Community.  Regular new updates, images and media.  Maintained by Ti@TiX, Bosc, and Ryon.

Gameznet Atriarch - Atriarch news and editorials.  This site is maintained by HellsChicken.

Ends of Atriana - Currently the most extensive archive of #atriarch chat logs with Atriarch developers of any site. Maintained by Synon.

Krunk's Page - General community and Atriarch news.  Maintained by Krunk.

Rautha's Exploration - (older site, but some good stories)


Active Discussion Boards:

Atriarch Vault Discussion Boards

Atriarch Stratics Discussion Board

Atriarch Watcher Discussion Board

Zang Web Discussion Board



Cool Fansite Stuff:

Atriarch WordSearch ATW's WordSearch game

Lost in Atriana - VRML by Iimzodar

Atriarch Askew - Scrudge's Atriarch comic!

Atriarch SETI@home club - Osweld, an active member of the Atriarch community, recently began a quest to contact the inhabitants of Atriana.  If you have SETI@home click here and join the quest!   If you don't have SETI@home you can find out more about it at their website

Name Generator - Herok's version in PHP

Name Generator - Kaddar's version in Javascript


Community Art:

Fan Art at Atriarch Watcher

Fine Art at Atriarch Vault

Gallery Atriarch Player Development Team Galleries

Fan Flash at Atriarch Watcher



Atriarch Watcher - #atriarch (Sorcery IRC [])

Atriarch Stratics - #atriarch (Stratics IRC [])

Atriarch Roleplaying - #atrp (Stratics IRC []).

If you are not familiar with IRC, then go here (or here) for step-by-step instructions to enter the Atriarch chatroom.  Special thanks to Jaynen (ATS) and Herok (ATW) for setting up the channels.


Community Polls:

Atriarch Stratics Poll

ATW Opinionator

GameZnet Atriarch Poll

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